Rose Garden Christ Church

In the City of Sapporo, on the hills of Fushimi,
where one of the most breathtaking panorama views of the cityspreads out to be admired,
a Church was built, overlooking time and space.

Rose Garden Christ Church was born as a real Protestant church. Unlike chapels that are only for commercial use,this Church has a full-time and fully ordained Pastor.
On the land of 2500 tsubo embraced by the magnificent Mt. Moiwa Mountains, the church was built in a traditional European setting, where the flowers of the four seasons are in full bloom. The beautiful cityscape of Sapporo and the glittering island of Ishikari spreads before your eyes.
Rose Garden Christ Church is filled with a lot of commitment.
We believe & hope that this Church, just like the churches in Europe, will remain, unchanging, so that the faith and couple’s love will not fade over time. That is the symbol the Church wants to portray.

Birth of Rose Garden Christ Church

Rose Garden Christ Church’s architectural design was born of Ms. Daniela Rossi, a female architect from Milan representing Italy, and Japanese architect Mr. Fuminori Hoshina who loves Hokkaido, initially built as the former Protestant church's Fushimi chapel. Supporting the Grand Chapel, where there are numerous works of art decorating the interior, most of the pillars are cobblestone stone pillars, with stone pavement around the corridors, the best building materials and supplies were brought from the Lombardy region of Northern Italy, to build something lasting. For example, even one door being used for hundreds of years, it will not be changed, and it will remain as a special presence forever.
In this land of Hokkaido, as if overlapping with the landscape of Northern Italy approaching the Alps, a sacred church bearing the thoughts of the architects and of those who adore God is born.

  • Chapel

    Classic cross bolt ceiling and stone pillars are supporting it, stained glass as high as 6m, and virgin road is 15m long.
    The sight that the bride dreamed spreads out before her eyes.
    The heavy timbre of the pipe organ made in Hungary and the singing voice of six choir singers resounds within the chapel.
    A nursing room is also provided to the guests who need to take care of babies so they can feel free to join the ceremony without worries.
    【Chapel capacity / 130 people】

  • Location photo

    Luxurious Location Photo leaving memories of life in nature Hokkaido, a charming place with beautiful landscapes, attracts couples to visit, even to have their location photography there.
    From ceremony to location, captures the best smile to one scene that can only be taken here.

  • Hokkaido's delicious food and
    marvelous sightseeing spots

    Hokkaido’s delicious food and marvelous sightseeing spots are also available for after-wedding experience.
    The charm of Hokkaido is not only green and rich in location but also neighboring sightseeing spots such as Otaru and Hakodate their food culture brought up by fresh ingredients. Not only domestic visitors but also overseas travelers visit these places every year.
    In addition, many spa towns including Jozankei a popular land where is the place of memories of hokkaido, are good to visit with family.

The emotions of the ceremony at Rose Garden Christ Church in moving pictures.

In 10 years, 20 years, no matter, always available in film to remember those important moments.

The wilderness of Hokkaido captured in location photography, specially for whom wants to make memories everlasting.

What is the difference between 'real church' and other churches?

In the church there is a full-time Pastor who not only officiates wedding ceremonies, but also leads believers in the faith, bible studies & worship on a daily basis.
Instead of performing an obligatory wedding ceremony, the pastor meets with the couple before the ceremony, to taylor the wedding ceremony to the Bride & Groom. To that end, wedding vows, messages and hymns for the day are shared with the couple on the day of the wedding, to start with a truly heartfelt and loving wedding ceremony.
We are not a "wedding ceremony chapel". We wait as a Church rooted in the community, for you, the couple who had a wedding ceremony here, and for believers who come on a daily basis.
Because we would like to be a church that can be used as a place to go to for guide in life. We want the two people who had a wedding ceremony here to come anytime and feel comfortable in the church again, we offer charity concerts open to the general public throughout the year. We also offer worship services that you can attend. You can also visit us on a wedding anniversary, or even be a place where your children will also have a wedding at the same church, and so their memories will continue.

I cannot speak Japanese so I worry about whether my desires can be transmitted properly.

There is no need for concern.
A Chinese interpreter will accompany you.

If I am not a Christian, can I have a wedding ceremony at Rose Garden Christ Church?

Yes, you can.

Rose Garden Christ Church is a genuine Protestant church, but we also officiate wedding ceremonies for non-Christians.

I do not have any guests, is a wedding ceremony of only the bride and groom strange?

Not so!

On the wedding day, The staff of the church will celebrate with you, and will be with you during the flower shower.

Do you have any caveats regarding attendant's costumes

The basic wear is formal dress.

Men in black suits or dark suits, women have no problem with afternoon dresses or informal wear. Just do not wear clothes that may clash with the groom, such as bright color suits, or even white or pink.

Rose Garden Christ Church is affiliated with overseas distributors so that detailed information may be obtained at a local agent.

( By public transportation )
Get off at Subway Tozai Line "Maruyama Koen Station",
Transfer from Maruyama Koen Station Bus Terminal to JR Bus,
Get off at JR Bus "jikeikai" stop, about 10 minutes on foot
( By Car )
Approximately 20 minutes by car from Sapporo station area When using a GPS, search for "Rose Garden Christ Church " or input the following address: 北海道札幌市中央区伏見3丁目22-50 (3-22-50, Fushimi, Chuo-ku, Sapporo, Hokkaido).
( By Taxi )
Approximately 20 minutes from Sapporo station area
Fare: Approximately ¥2,000

Rose Garden Christ Church

Postal code: 064-0942
3-22-50. Fushimi. Chuoh-Ku. Sapporo City
TEL. 011-522-0151
( Church Map Code )
9 399 338*13
( Business hours )
Weekdays: 11:00 ~ 19:00
Sat,Sun, Holidays: 10:00 ~ 19:00

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